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Pine and Poplar

I Made That™

I Made That™

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This is the course for anyone who wants to learn how to build amazing furniture without hours upon hours of frustrating trial and error and wasted project supplies.

Imagine if in just a few weeks you could…

  • Feel confident using power tools, knowing you are using them safely and correctly
  • Strut into Home Depot and confidently pick out the right wood for your next project
  • See the look on your friends' faces when they ask, "where'd you buy that?" and you reply "I made that"
  • Look at a $3,000 table from Pottery Barn and say "I could build that"...and then actually build it for 100 bucks


  1. The full I Made That curriculum with lifetime access 
  2. Easy-to-digest, no-fluff video lessons
  3. Comprehensive tool walkthroughs (miter saw, drill, Kreg Jig, orbital sander, measuring tape)
  4. 15+ dedicated skills videos to help you quickly master important DIY skills
  5. 4 complete project tutorials (step-by-step video tutorials AND printable plans)
  6. Concise cheatsheets that you can quickly reference during projects or shopping trips
  7. BONUS: Printable cut list worksheet (it's the worksheet we use to plan all of our shopping lists!)



Not only do we teach the foundation and skills you need to consistently build amazing furniture (even if you’ve never picked up a power tool before), but we also walk you through 4 thoughtfully designed projects. 

As you’re building, it's like you're in the garage working right alongside me, so you’ll get even more insider tips and tricks throughout every project. 



I’m so impressed at the level of detail that is given in each stage of this course. There are so many tips and tricks that I didn’t realize I needed to know about! Also, each video is super quick and easy to digest.” - Kristina Crawford 

“Before the course, I had no idea where to start! I didn't know the lingo, the tools, or have the skills. Now, I'm constantly saying "I can build that!" and feel confident that I really can!” - Lee Marlin

“I have taught in higher education for 15 years. I'm a curriculum expert; I've built 3 completely new academic programs. I'm delighted with the structure of this course, the detail in the videos and PDFs, and professionalism of the content delivery.” - Betty Beimel 

“This course helped me gain skills and more confidence when approaching DIY projects. I will never look at another piece of furniture the same again! I finally look at furniture I want and think “I can do that!” and I am SO GRATEFUL for that!” - Nicole Evans

Did you know: you can upgrade to I Made That PLUS and learn additional tools and DIY skills?

In the PLUS upgrade, you’ll get the full I Made That course PLUS 3 additional tool walkthroughs, an additional video project tutorial, plywood 101 and introduction to drawers lessons, and 7 printable project plans. 

Upgrade to PLUS here.


WHAT IF I DON’T HAVE ANY TOOLS? You can complete every project with a drill, miter saw, pocket hole jig, and some clamps. You can get all the tools needed for this course for less than $400. See the full tool list. 

The recommended tools are the foundation of most DIY projects, so you’re sure to get plenty of use out of them. 

Don’t know how to use them? No problem. You’ll get complete walkthroughs for each tool so that you can feel confident using them! 

WHAT IF I’M AN ABSOLUTE BEGINNER? SERIOUSLY, I KNOW NOTHING. This course was made for you! We’ll cover what you need to know, from the absolute beginning. Throughout each lesson, we assume you know nothing about DIY, tools, or shopping for wood. By the end of the course, you’ll feel confident in your DIY knowledge and skills. 

WHAT PROJECTS ARE IN I MADE THAT? The course isn't about the specific projects you build, it's about the skills you learn from those projects that you can take and apply to countless future projects. We'd had students love and keep all of their builds and we've had others sell each piece they built to pay for the course. That being said, we will build a slatted bench, nesting side tables, an entryway table, and an accent cabinet. You can see 3D renderings of the projects and a breakdown of a few of the skills that are covered in each project HERE.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 68 reviews
Daniel Milligan
Zoe is the Queen of DIY's Woodworking

I found her on Instagram about 6 months ago and followed her. I have followed about a dozen people that focus on DIY's like myself, but there is just something about her and how she presents herself. Super chill, but detailed. You can see her passion. She puts out a lot of content as well as sells her knowledge of how to make the things she makes. I have purchased several of her classes and have found that with some practice you can really make some cool sh*t! I am 56 years young and never imagined I could make the things I have made out of wood. If you want to learn from a young lady that knows her stuff inside and out, then open you wallet and buy some of her beginner classes, you will be AMAZED at what you can make with zero previous experience.

Ethan Ebright

Very insightful!

Kimberley Todd
It's changed my life.

I Made That has given me the confidence to not only build my own furniture but to tackle projects and renovations around the house. I am so thankful I came across Zoe's webinar and purchased I Made That. It's changed my life.

Andrea Lepley

This course has really been a game changer for my confidence in DIY.

Rebecca Herrera

I Made That explains how to make pieces without overly complicating the process. I have watched other creators and end up leaving their videos because I get overwhelmed with their explanations (or lack of).