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Pine and Poplar

I Planned That™

I Planned That™

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Learn how to use SketchUp to create custom furniture plans that are specific to your space and style using our step-by-step planning process.

The beauty of DIY is that you can customize projects to fit your space: both in terms of design and dimensions.

If you don’t feel comfortable making your own project plans, you’re limited to what’s already available. And oftentimes you’re left feeling like you settled.

That's where I Planned That comes in. We'll teach you our step-by-step planning process (and how to use SketchUp to visualize your designs before building), so that you can unlock the full potential of DIY. 


  1. Walk away modeling furniture in SketchUpeven if you aren’t tech-savvy
  2. The overall process for planning your own DIY furniture designs
  3. The key decisions you need to make before moving onto SketchUp.
  4. A quick hack for visualizing the dimensions in your actual space
  5. How to choose the right joinery methods for your project
  6. Create detailed cut lists and shopping lists


  1. The full I Planned That curriculum with lifetime access and free future updates
  2. Easy-to-understand SketchUp 101 tutorials 
  3. Workbooks and cheatsheets to keep your planning process smooth and organized
  4. BONUS: Space planning and scale guide that will help you lay out furniture and determine just how big your next pieces should be
  5. BONUS: Adjusting dimensions of existing plans masterclass 
  6. BONUS: Budget calculator so you can figure out the estimated cost of your project in an instant (and without math)


"This is a REALLY amazing course! Sketchup is not easy to learn but you make it very digestible. Thank you!"

"Oh my goodness! This course is SO amazing! I'm so impressed. I'm in the middle of the SketchUp 101 section and it's very easy to understand. I love it!! Okay, now I'll stop gushing about it and do some more!"

"I am only part of the way through the course, but I can already tell that this is one of the best courses I've seen. I already feel like I am picking up SketchUp better!"

Does SketchUp cost anything? You can use Sketchup for free–all you need is internet access. During the lessons, we will teach everything using the 2022 free version of Sketchup.

I tried SketchUp before and gave up. Will this course work for me? Yes! Trust me, I understand how you feel. When I first started using SketchUp it felt impossible--I almost threw in the towel multiple times.

Here's the thing about SketchUp: it's easy once it "clicks". But getting it to click can be really difficult when you're trying to figure it out on your own or piecing together random YouTube videos. Here's why: SketchUp is a super powerful tool. It's designed to do way more than DIY project plans. There are a ton of features and tools and extensions and blah blah blah that you never even need to touch to create awesome DIY plans. In fact, there are really just a few key tools and tricks that you need to grasp.

As you take this course, I promise SketchUp will become easier than you expected. We'll walk you through what you actually need to know and the simple little tricks that'll take SketchUp from being so frustrating that you want to chuck your computer through the wall to a simple, yet powerful visualizing software.

I'm a beginner DIYer. Will this course work for me? This course assumes you already know the foundation of DIY. We won’t talk about using power tools, what a pocket hole is, or how to actually build a project. If you’re getting started and want to learn how to DIY, you’ll want to start with I Made That™. It’s our course designed to take you from DIY wannabe to fearless furniture builder.

If you’ve already built a project, or two, or fifty and feel comfortable with the basics of DIY, this course is a great fit. It was created to unlock the full potential of DIY. Instead of feeling limited by the project plans that are currently available, you can create your own that are tailored to your style and space.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

I bought this course almost two years ago but only just got around to doing it, and it's brilliant! I can mock up all kinds of items now and really wrap my head around how I'm going to build something and what it will look like. A couple of the items in Sketch Up look like they've moved a little in that time but it hasn't been anything that wasn't easily found.


Love it

vytautas ignatavicius

I Planned That™

Christina Germani

I had watched a few other beginner Sketchup videos before yours and they weren't helpful at all. I couldn't make more than a rectangle. After watching your videos, I was able to immediately sketch out multiple complicated projects. I loved the thoroughness of the entire series. I now feel VERY confident using Sketchup.

Anonymous Customer

Oh my goodness! This course is SO amazing! I'm so impressed. I'm in the middle of the SketchUp 101 section and it's very easy to understand. I love it!! Okay, now I'll stop gushing about it and do some more!